Bible Fluency is a free learning program for those who want to know the Bible but don’t know how to find their way around it!

Our vision is to come alongside churches, Bible societies, schools, and other groups to address head-on a growing epidemic—biblical illiteracy. We who have worked on this project believe that no one should accept the status quo where people know so little about the Bible they claim to believe. The Bible Fluency program employs high-quality music, visuals, flashcards, workbooks, small group activities, and much more to equip people to recognize and locate the Bible’s 400 most important events, characters, and themes. Someone who has gone through the program will instantly be able to recall that the story of Abraham is in Genesis, the “suffering servant” is described by Isaiah, the parable of the Good Samaritan is recorded in Luke—not Matthew, Mark, or John—and “faith apart from works is dead” is in the letter of James.  

You are welcome to browse the Bible Fluency site, listen to the songs, look at the illustrated flashcards, skim the study worksheets, and try out the flashcards. Then when you are ready to start learning, go ahead and download whatever you need. If you prefer to purchase physical materials (Music CD, Learning Icon Flashcards, Workbook, Teaching DVDs) click HERE to visit a site where you can buy these materials. (Profits are funneled back into the project.) If you would like to teach or lead an Old Testament Fluency in 12 Weeks class or a New Testament Fluency in 12 Weeks class, click HERE for more information about how to teach or lead a class. If you would like to study Bible Fluency on your own, click HERE for a good strategy regarding how to do so.