Our Story

Bible Fluency got its start when Kenneth Berding, a biblical scholar and college professor (Biola University) who was formerly a worship pastor and cross-cultural Christian worker, came to the realization that he couldn’t stand by and watch while another generation of Christian students entered his classes not knowing that Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem after the Exile, that Jesus fed 5,000 in all four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), and that “by grace you have been saved through faith” is found in Paul’s magnificent letter to the Ephesians. He wondered whether people would ever come to know the grand storyline of the Bible and why God revealed it if they didn’t possess a working knowledge of the Bible’s contents. He started producing learning materials first for his college students, then for church classes at Redemption Hill Church where he served as an overseer, and the program grew from there. When first-rate musicians, artists, and technicians started to catch the vision, it was evident that God was doing something special.

Since then, we who have worked on Bible Fluency have discovered that hundreds of teachers, pastors, and Christian leaders share our concerns, but that little has been done to address head-on the crisis of biblical illiteracy. The authors, musicians, graphic artists, videographers, financial supporters, and prayer partners who stand behind Bible Fluency all share a common goal: we long to see a reverse in the downward slide of a generation that cares little about the Bible by building a foundation upon which people can come to know God’s Word.